We Empower Risk Management of Clinician Retention and Wellness

Through Our Science-Backed Technology


Clinician burnout and turnover is widespread and costs healthcare organizations $7,600 per employed provider per year. Healthcare organizations currently rely on surveys to solve the problem. While helpful for providing qualitative context to the problem, surveys are retrospective, too high level, and cannot quantify the economic costs of burnout and turnover specific to the organization.



Atalan's technology helps organizations predict clinician burnout and turnover at the unit-level, project the cost of the problem, and guide prevention.

That way, organizations improve clinician and patient wellness and retention, as well as their financial performance.

Our technology has been blind tested and empirically validated at a nationwide healthcare organization.

Risk Management
Supported by Atalan Software


Implement interventions at high-risk departments, aided by our step-by-step guide and access to our intervention vendor database.

Budget and Plan

Select high ROI workplace interventions based on your organizational budget and key drivers.


Identify the high-risk departments that have high likelihood of high-impact individuals quitting in the next 6-12 months.

About Us

Atalan (named after ancient Greek huntress Atalanta) is a start-up of labor economics, machine learning, and clinical psychology experts from Harvard, Yale, and Oxford, looking to contribute more innovative and sustainable solutions to one of the most pressing problems in healthcare. Our mission is to improve the wellness of clinicians and their patients.

Atalan is a proud participant of the 2022 Xlerate Health accelerator.

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