Atalan is a women- and minority-led, mission-oriented company. Our goal is to support health systems in improving clinician well-being and retention through evidence-based technology and best practices.

How Atalan's Platform Works

Our platform leverages existing data that health systems already have to provide highly actionable insights for creating lasting improvements in clinician well-being and retention.

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Academic Studies

Blackburn, B., Chan, T., Freeman R., Hu, X., Rhodes, A. (2023). The Impact of Survey Non-response Bias on Estimates of Provider Well-being. NBER Working Paper Series. Forthcoming.

Burnout of physicians and other medical personnel is a major problem in the economics of healthcare systems, potentially costing billions of dollars. Knowledge of the determinants and costs of burnout at the organizational level is sparse, making it difficult to assess the net benefits of interventions to reduce burnout at the level where arguably the greatest change can be affected. 

In this paper, we use data from a midsize healthcare organization with about 500 clinicians in 2021-22 to advance the analysis of clinical burnout in two ways.