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Science is at the center of what we do at Atalan. Our approach, products, and trainings are rooted in existing scientific literature as well as original scientific work. We combine labor economics, machine learning, and clinical psychology with healthcare and clinical expertise to bring innovative tools that would best support the well-being and retention of our healthcare professionals

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Blackburn, B., Chan, T., Freeman R., Hu, X., Rhodes, A. (2023). The Impact of Survey Non-response Bias on Estimates of Provider Well-being. NBER Working Paper Series. Forthcoming.

Discover key insights in our latest paper: 

– Instead of relying on national averages, calculate the costs of clinician burnout that is specific to your organization, by leveraging existing operational data within your organization.

– Discover higher per-clinician costs by accounting for hidden and long-term impact of burnout, such as productivity on-ramping for replacement clinician.

– Forecast clinician turnover and productivity for the next 12 months with an early warning mechanism.

– A framework to aid dynamic budgeting and resourcing for burnout interventions, aided by precise cost estimates



Published in
National Bureau of Economic Research

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