Atalan Tech Founders, Tiffany Chan and Dr. Sisi Hu, Featured on “The Well-Being Connector” Podcast

Xi (Sisi) Hu, PhD & Tiffany Chan, MA

In a testament to their dedication to improving clinician well-being, Dr. Sisi Hu and Tiffany Chan, MA, founders of Atalan Tech, were recently invited as guests on the esteemed podcast, “The Well-Being Connector,” hosted by Roy Reid, APR, CPRC of the Stockworth Institute. This podcast, presented by the Coalition for Physician Well-Being, delves into conversations with healthcare professionals committed to nurturing wholeness within their organizations.

Sisi and Tiffany are dedicated to leveraging technology and evidence-based practices to enhance clinician well-being and retention. As innovators, their insights explored the intersection of healthcare, technology, and workforce dynamics.

Dr. Sisi Hu, with a Ph.D. from the University of Oxford and expertise from Harvard Law School’s Center for Labor and a Just Economy, shared her pioneering work in modeling global disruptions and risks in labor markets.

Tiffany Chan, M.A. brings a background in science-based policy and she’s committed to driving policy changes through innovation resonated deeply, echoing Atalan Tech’s ethos of harnessing technology for positive societal impact.

As Atalan Tech continues to support health systems in their journey to improve clinician well-being and retention, the insights shared by Dr. Sisi Hu and Tiffany Chan on “The Well-Being Connector” underscore the importance of harnessing predictive analytics and evidence-based practices to support this transformation.

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